Love Like Angels

Track Listing:

1. Cut You Into Stars
2. You Are In My Heart (mp3 clip)
3. Love Like Angels (mp3)
4. Not Turning Into Stone
5. Beulah Mae's Dream
6. Mireia
7. World Inside Of Nothing
8. Blackwaterside
9. Thin Blue Line (mp3 clip)
10. Katy, The Years
11. Tom Moody (mp3 clip)
12. The Moody Jigs

Recorded at Christchurch Studios, Bristol (2000) & produced by Rob King
Featuring Rob & Pippa with Pete Jacobsen, Ben Groenvelt, Nic France, Julian Nicholas & Special guest Paul McGann

"best work yet, Wonderful material and rock solid production"
Kelly Clement
'Celtic and Beyond' KTAO FM USA

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