Pete Jacobsen pictured at rehearsal

Pete Jacobsen died on Monday 29th April 2002.
He had been in hospital for a week, his condition deteriorated very quickly on Sunday, and he died on the Monday morning.
Pippa and Rob are at this time deeply grieving, but will write a tribute to him that will appear here soon.

Pete's Obituary from the Independent

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In Memoriam

Bret Kean

I first heard Peter performing in Essex, and as an impressionable teenager, I was amazed.
After Postgraduate Jazz studies at the Guildhall School of Music in 1987 I had become aware of Pete's stature as one of the most talented pianist in Europe, playing and recording with leading artistes, including the Bobby Wellins/Jimmy Knepper Quintet album that I still have.
Around nine years later I formed a jazz quartet (Bret Kean Qt.) and called Pete to ask if he would be interested in playing gigs, and to my great pleasure said he would.
What followed was a brilliant musical experience as we performed jazz clubs and festivals, it was a great joy to make music with such a prodigious talent and personality.
I would also enjoy the banter in the car to gigs, discussing, amongst other things, music, the Archers, and any attractive girls he may have just met (I was always amazed at just how many charming ladies he would meet at various venues, definitely a ladies man) I composed a jazz waltz, entitled 'In Our Lives' and performed it many times with Pete and the Qt, and it sounded beautiful, and which I have since dedicated to Pete.
Peter Jacobsen has created so much value in his life that he has touched us all with his genius, charm and wit....I feel deep gratitude for having met Pete...He will be missed...

Dave Appleford

Pleased to have found your website.
So sad to hear about Pete - glad to have had the privilige of recording him (with you) a few years back.
Hope to make it to the forthcoming gig at QEH.

Tom Appleford

Pete was a very nice guy with a rare talent that will be missed. I echo my brother's comments.

Richard Jinman

Hi Pippa and Rob.
Just found out about Pete from your web site.
I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with the two of you.
I feel very lucky to have heard him play.
Please get in touch when you can... love, Richard

Baz the Soundy

Hi Pippa and Rob.
Just read about Pete's death on your web page.
I only got to work with him 3 times,
but I knew at first meeting that he was a warm dedicated soul,
a true musician.

Jack Murton

I was terribly saddened to hear the tragic news of the death of Pete Jacobsen.
I have wonderful memories of your concert in Spilsby, Lincolnshire where I first heard your music.
It was a spell-binding atmosphere and the music was a revelation.
My thoughts are with you both

Chris J (Spadger Sound)

Just heard the news.
A great shame to lose such a talented musician who also had the burden of being a genuinely nice guy as well.
Pippa, Rob et all, my sincerest condolences.

John O'Regan

Hi there after such a long time, I hope you are well.
I have just read about Pete Jacobson's death and wish to send condolences to all involved with him. He is such a loss, a wonderful musician and an amazing man, I consider myself privleged to have seen him play and spent time in his and your company. keep it up and looking forward to hearing the live album sincerely
John O'Regan

Greg Ferguson

After years of attempting to make it to the Port Fairy Folk Festival I finally got a ticket and Carmina provided such an astounding highlight for me.
I'm really sorry to hear the news about Pete Jacobsen.
I can only imagine how hard that must be but I do feel privileged to have heard him play this year.

Helene Londragan

I was very sorry to hear of Pete's death.
I unfortunately only saw him perform a few times but the times I did were memorable.
He will be sadly missed
All the best to Rob, Pippa and the rest of the band

Phil & Penny

Thanks for a great evening of music at East Grinstead last Friday. It was sad without Pete but still the band's music was really uplifting and a fitting tribute to his memory.
Hope to see you at Brighton, baby permitting ! Or in Bristol one day when we visit
Phil & Penny


Like Charlie Parker, Bach and Mozart Pete was a musical talent that "mere groundlings" not just the "jazz anoracks" appreciated and more than that - warmly loved.

Tony Campbell

Sending my condolences for all connected with the band on Pete's passing.
First saw the band at Port Fairy Folk Festival in March this year.
Loved your music! Have both 'Weather in the Heart' & 'Love Like Angels'.
Pippa very kindly signed the latter for me - I'm both a folk & jazz fan.
Keep on making great music!

Jeffrey Davis

Very sad news.
I was glad that at the last Carmina gig I attended, at the Komedia in Brighton,
I went up to Pete Jacobsen to tell him how much I enjoyed his piano solo on "Bird of Paradise" and other Carmina tracks.
He gave some self-deprecating reply but I'm pleased that I spoke to him.
I shall look forward to the memorial concert in Maidstone.

Kevin Keating

Just sharing the loss of Pete and understand the loss that anyone who knew him and had the honour of playing next to him must be feeling
I played next to Pete the past 6 years in the Chris Fletcher band in fact always insisted on standing right next to him, and on our journey's home he used to talk about Carmina a lot, I considered him a real friend and soul mate and above all a messiah when it came to music, He was my dream come true and in all my future plans.
I am sure that Carmina will be a big success as you found Pete Jacobsen and those who found Pete never let him go because there was no one like him.
See you in Southend Thursday
Regards, Kevin Keating

Sergio Cabanillas

Dear Pip and Rob, It's sad to re-appear this way.
I've just read about Pete's unexpected loss and I'm really shocked about it - still remember the pints we shared at Triskel Tavern and Cafe Central here in Madrid.
Next Thursday I'll play his performance of "Ah sweet dancer" in his memory at my radio show. Please receive my most sincere condolences.
Your friend Sergio from Madrid, Spain

Jeff Haines

Logging on after a 6 week holiday break from the computer I was deeply distressed by the news.
I had intended to send my best wishes to Pete, Rob & Pippa on the recording of the live album which will now (from the comment by Tony Moore ) be a bittersweet coda to his career.
I met Pete backstage at the Sydney St.Patrick's Day concert.
We chatted for an hour or so about everything from the atmospheric noise of the bats circling overhead (from the nearby Botanical Gardens) to how he was looking forward to returning to his newly renovated flat in London.
I was impressed by how much he enjoyed working with Pippa & Rob and I can only send my deep regrets and warmest thoughts to them and his UK/Ireland friends and family. He will always be there in the music and our memories.
Jeff Haines

Michael and Anne Cummins

Pete was a wonderful musician.
We will not forget the beautiful sounds he created for us at the Meeting Place in Midleton.
We can only say that we are very sad at his passing and wish to express our sincere sympathy to the band and his family.
Michael and Anne Cummins

Phil & Penny

Just looked up your website to see your latest news, and we were shocked to read about Pete's sudden death.
How sad to lose such a talented man.
Our thoughts are with you all.
Phil & Penny

Tony Moore

The Meeting Place, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland expresses our shock at the news of Pete's sudden death.
He will be remembered as a superb musician.
He was in brilliant form a few weeks ago during the recording of Carmina's live album.
All our folk club supporters will be reeling at this news.
Venues all over Ireland will mourn his passing.
To Rob and Pippa, we are thinking of you both.
Tony Moore